Season One

Eric Summers was a student at Smallville High School, whose father was a teacher at the school and abusive towards Eric. During a field trip, Eric stood up on the edge of a dam, potentially contemplating suicide. However, his activities were interrupted by Clark Kent, when the two were struck by lightning. While on the field trip, Eric had collected meteor rocks. The combination of the meteor rocks and lightning caused Clark's powers to be transferred to Eric.[1]

Eric enjoyed his new state and began using his powers openly, earning him the nickname "Superboy", while also standing up to his father. However, things soon turned dark, when his father tried to get him locked up at a lab. At school, Eric confronted Holly, a girl he had a crush on, while attacking her boyfriend, Brent. Afterwards, Eric returned to the dam, where he was confronted by Clark, who had brought a piece of meteor rock with him. Using it and electricity, Clark managed to take his powers back from Eric, who was committed to Belle Reve.[1]

Season Three

Two years later, Eric crossed paths with Clark again, when Clark made recurring visits to a friend at Belle Reve. Eric joined forces with Ian Randall and Van McNulty, who had also gone up against Clark, to get revenge. Eric and Ian managed to capture Clark, with Eric transferring Clark's powers to himself again. Eric turned on Ian, possibly killing him. However, Clark managed to get the upper hand and took his powers back from Eric. Keeping Eric at Belle Reve.[2]



  • It's unknown if Eric was among the Belle Reve patients, who underwent Curtis Knox's treatment, which removed both abilities and memories.[3]



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