Lord Dynamo is an enemy of the Justice Society.

Erich Donnerstein was born with extraordinary gifts. A prodigy the likes of which none had ever seen he had already started to outstrip the talents of Shakespeare and Mozart, his father hired world class tutors to teach him, but they soon found themselves lacking when Erich surpassed them at only 8 leaving the boy to teach himself.

Unfortunately Erich suffered from a disease which would kill him and none could cure. Erich himself designed a contraption to help save his life which his father used his wealth and influence to have built. The boys body rapidly depleted energy so what he needed was something to recharge him. The machine worked but only long enough for him to improve it, requiring to use the recharging machine more and more to survive.

Tragedy struck again when Nazis invaded his homeland and took him and his family hostage, they had heard of his genius and demanded that he use it to build them war machines. Erich appeared to follow the demands, but secretly worked on escaping, knowing that none of his captors could read his blueprints.

He designed large robots with his own programming, which swiftly killed nearby German soldiers and allowing him time to escape. Climbing into the recharging chamber he could never leave again he activated the war blimp he had been forced to build.

The take off of the air ship destroyed the enemy, his ancestral home and his parents. He held no remorse as he felt they had already made their contribution to the world by birthing him.



  • Power Limitation: Dynamo cannot survive outside of a chamber which constantly feeds his body electricity due to a degenerative disease he has.


  • Airship: Dynamo's airship was a massive zeppelin equipped with siphons that could suck a city dry of electricity, armed cannons that fired destructive lightning bolts, and crewed by an army of robot drones and cyborg henchmen.



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