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Erik Drekken was a member of the Anti-Superman Army.

A biology student, Erik Drekken stumbled onto the papers of Emery Zackro and his thoughts on the future of human evolution. Despite Zackro's warning of being thought a fool, Drekken went looking for the subject of Zackro's paper-Adam Blake. Though initially stymied, he eventually met Blake, and was astonished by his sponsors, the Oort-Kind. Based on their conversation, he became determined to harness the power of human evolution to protect Earth from whatever Blake was fighting.

Later, Drekken fought Superman after having mutated into a giant ape, but he was subdued.

Eventually, Drekken gained full control of his DNA and was able to evolve and devolve at will, at which point, he was recruited into the Anti-Superman Army.




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