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Erin Bia O'Rourke-Singh, a mercenary who operated under the name Dart, was born the daughter of Mohandas Singh and Li San O'Rourke, the engineer and the security officer of the original Atari Force.

Erin had the benefit of having a skilled fighter as a mother teaching her how to defend herself, and the most brilliant mind as a father that could home-school her so she would do her best. She was admitted as a young teenager to the Atari Academy for military training, where she was often teased by one of her fellow cadets for having "mutant genes". Her best friend Dalia was the only one who stuck up for Erin whenever she got in trouble for watching Dalia's back, but eventually they both got in hot water when an incident involving the cadets ganging up on them cost one of the cadets her life. Fleeing to her parents' home in the hopes that they would understand the situation, Erin found out that her parents arranged for her and Dalia to be sent to an off-world school for training mercenaries in exchange for charges against them being dropped.

At the mercenary school on Sangfroid, Erin and Dalia became the best and most experienced warriors that its schoolmaster Drago had ever taught. With each successful military campaign they were involved in, they would both mark each other with tattoos. Finally Drago put them in charge of a military operation, where they were to protect a planet's ruler from the forces that opposed him. As they met with the ruler, Erin received a vision of a man who would fight alongside her. During the battle, Dalia was killed, and a man came across the battlefield to see if they were all right. Erin pointed the gun at him, intending to kill him for believing that he killed Dalia, when she remembered the vision again. This distracted her to where she pulled the trigger accidentally, shooting out the man's left eye. As Erin apologized and tended to his wound, she found out that he was a mercenary named Moses Fisk, who operated as Blackjak, and that he was trained at the same school that she and Dalia were trained at. It was then she realized that Drago had mercenaries hired out to both sides of the battle, and that he was responsible for killing Dalia.


  • Precognition: Dart has some precognitive abilities that let her foresee certain (and possible) future events.
  • Psychic Link: She also has a telepathic link to her "brother" Tempest which enables her to communicate with him wherever he happens to be.


Dart is an expert markswoman, fighter, gymnast, and pilot.