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Erin McKillen is the head of the McKillen Crime Family, who represent the Irish Mob in Gotham City.

Though she and her twin sister Shannon were friends at Roxbury Academy with Bruce Wayne, they grew up to follow in their family's footsteps in organized crime, keeping lawyer Harvey Dent on retainer.

After the McKillens attempted to assassinate Jim Gordon, Bruce convinced Harvey to become the District Attorney. Dent turned on Shannon and Erin, putting them in prison. He worked the system to get them both life sentences. When several appeals failed, the sisters made a pact to escape - but their plan required that one of them would have to die. Shannon hanged herself, and with the help of a guard, they switched Erin's body with hers in the morgue, and she escaped to get revenge on Harvey Dent.[1]

She attacked Harvey and his wife in their home, killing Gilda with a letter opener and knocking Harvey unconscious.[2] When he woke, she poured a vial of acid over one side of his face, letting him live as she had to, with the person he loved most taken from him, and with a reminder to the world of just how two-faced he is, scarring him. She then escaped, living in Belfast.[3]

Years later, she returned to Gotham City to meet with the other Gotham Organized Crime families in the hopes of uniting them against costumed heroes and villains, and return control to them. Unfortunately the other families insisted that she be the one to kill Two-Face, because she had created him. She had hoped not to have to stay long.[4] Soon after the meeting, Batman captured her and put her in jail, where she called Bruce Wayne instead of a lawyer, because she hoped that with his connections to Batman Incorporated, he would be able to convince Batman to protect her from Two-Face. Bruce refused, and Erin was placed in Blackgate Penitentiary while waiting for trial. There, Matches Malone engineered her escape and eventual arrival at Wayne Manor.[2]

Bruce Wayne offered her a place to stay until her cousin Kieron could get her to her private plane back to Ireland. Kieron, though, insisted that she kill Two-Face before leaving, but he had betrayed her, joining with the other families to overthrow her by killing Two-Face and her by himself. Fortunately, Batman came to both Erin and Two-Face's rescues.[1] Unfortunately, Harvey was captured by the crime families, leaving Batman to question Erin as to where he'd been taken.[5] Erin lied to him, sending him in the wrong direction, and when he realized it, he ejected her from the Batmobile to be caught again by the GCPD.

Back in prison, Erin established herself as a leader among the other prisoners, while her crime family's legacy continued.[6]



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