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Mogul is a minor Flash villain.

Ernest Flake began as a worker during the construction of a year-round ski slope. Flake invented a machine that was able to convert moisture in the air into physical snow. However, the business went under, and Flake was left jobless and penniless with only his invention to show for it. Turning to crime to pay the bills, he used his machine as a weapon to rob banks, becoming the snow-themed criminal Mogul. He was apprehended by authorities soon after and taken to Iron Heights.

When the Crime Syndicate invaded Earth and released the prisoners of Iron Heights, Mogul didn't want any part of the Syndicate's fiendish plans but was also scared to oppose them. Instead, he attempted to flee to Canada but was recaptured sometime after the Justice League returned.

Back in Iron Heights, Mogul was questioned by C.C.P.D. crime labs scientist Barry Allen about why Mogul's device was found to have murdered somebody recently. Mogul confirmed having had no connection to the murder since his device had been confiscated by the police when he was arrested.[1]

Mogul was later seen in an Iron Heights cell with Mashup, Merge and Squall. Mogul, Merge and Squall were all getting ready to fight Mashup in revenge for him framing them of crimes.


  • Gadgetry: Flake invented a device that was able to create snow by absorbing moisture from the air around it.



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