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Ernest Franklin is the Beard Hunter, a mercenary with the unique ability to psychically link and track any person by eating a single strand of their beard hair.

Ernest Franklin, while living in his mother's basement in West Seneca, NY, was contacted by the Bureau of Normalcy to track down Niles Caulder, who had been kidnapped by Mr. Nobody.

Franklin broke into Doom Manor and found some of Caulder's beard hair in his bathroom. Upon eating it, he lost consciousness but had gained a connection to the Chief. When he came to, Franklin had to escape Crazy Jane and Cyborg.

Franklin tracked Caulder to a location on Danny the Street, but, when he arrived, he was ambushed by Manny.

Franklin was absorbed into the Painting That Ate Paris by Mr. Nobody. Though the Doom Patrol managed to save the day and free the world from the painting, they left Nobody and the Beard Hunter inside, leaving them to hang there as imprisonment.

However, eventually the picture became contaminated by scants, a race of creatures that fed on bad ideas. Franklin, becoming infected himself, painted himself white to try to hide from them. When the Doom Patrol went inside the painting to eradicate the infestation, they were all captured and prepared to be siphoned dry of their bad ideas. But, when Miranda proved immune to the brain-washing, she overpowered the Scant Queen and freed them all. [1]


  • Psychic Link: By ingesting the beard hair of any individual, Franklin develops a psychic connection to them.




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