Erwin Rommel was the field marshall of the Afrikakorps, which operated in North Africa.

There, he fought many wars against heroes like Sgt. Rock, the Unknown Soldier or the Haunted Tank Crew.

World War II


In the fall of 1942, Rommel planned to take over Cairo, capital of Egypt in a final blitz, to finally win the war in North Africa. 24 hours before the battle, Rommel managed it to capture Jeb Stuart of the Haunted Tank crew.

To defeat the stationed Allies, Rommel hired a thief to steal the "master plan" hidden in a safe. He captured the Unknown Soldier who posessed the plan, and changed his own plan to defeat Montgomery and his army in a surprise attack. Unknown to him, the Unknown Soldier changed the plans, which resulted in the opposite, a surprise attack against Rommel and his Afrikakorps, in which Jeb Stuart could free himself. Which resulted in the second battle of El Alamein.[1] At the end of the battle, Rommel escaped with the staff car.[2]

Shortly after (or before) that, Rommel made a surprise attack on a unit of American soldiers tankers in the Libyan desert with his favorite attack plan, the "Fox Trap". Unfortunalety, General Bannion could manage it to defeat Rommel's tanks, making Rommel and his men retreat.[3][4]


In 1943, Rommel had his troops in North Africa with the intention of taking over the Kasserine Pass. He suceeded, but the Allies counter-attacked a week later, in which he could defeat the enemies a second time.[5]

Rommel was nearly killed in cold blood by a German double-agent before he could be stopped and killed by Rommel's enemy, Jeb Stuart.[6]


In 1944, Rommel was the architect of "Fortress Europe", a gigantic barrier, with numerous panzers, machine gunners, mortar crews, flamethrower teams, and infantry men hidden in transversing trenches, for the incoming D-Day.

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