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Quote1 --You see the shadows and assume that by dispersing them you can get rid of me. But the darkness that flows through me is older than the sun itself. Quote2
Essence src

The daughter of the All-Caste master Ducra, Essence was trained from birth by the monks of the All-Caste.

Jason Todd

Essence was at one point romantically involved with Jason Todd when the both of them were with the All-Caste. She ended up turning on the All-Caste and for this reason Todd believes that she betrayed the All-Caste and lead their immortal enemies, the Untitled to the monastery, thus betraying them. However, when the two meet again, in the presence of Starfire and Roy Harper, Essence ends up explaining that she and Ducra were there the day that the Untitled reached into the waters of Absolute evil, thus becoming permanently connected to the Untitled.




  • Blood Blade: A pair of magic swords similar to the All-Blade capable of absorbing the evil souls of the people it kills.