"Windfall": This story is reprinted from Swamp Thing (Volume 2) #43.

Essential Vertigo: Swamp Thing #24 is an issue of the series Essential Vertigo: Swamp Thing (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 1998.

Appearing in "Windfall"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Milo Flynn (Dies)

Other Characters:

  • Dave
  • Sandy (Dies)
  • Felix the cat




Synopsis for "Windfall"

This story is reprinted from Swamp Thing (Volume 2) #43.

Chester Williams, a naturalist and occasional drug dealer, retrieves one of the tubers which Swamp Thing had grown on his body, and dropped to the ground.
He divides the tuber into three parts. One part goes to his friend's dying wife Sandy, who eats it and psychedelically becomes one with the world before dying of cancer. She marvels at the intricate beauty of life and the universe, and is able to let go of her fear of dying. The second part goes to an uncouth drug abuser, who relives the horrors of Swamp Thing's life and dies when he is hit by a truck. Believing the plant to be "some kinda cosmic litmus paper" capable of revealing a person's morality, Chester reluctantly decides against trying the third portion himself.



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