Ethan was a groundskeeper for a Midvale all-girls prep school whom Selena tried to make into her personal consort by casting a spell on him that would make him love her.

The spell backfired on Selena, as Ethan fell into a deep sleep upon drinking the potion. Some time later, Ethan awoke in a stuporous condition akin to acute alcohol intoxication, and wandered out in public dazed and confused. He was caught by a construction scoop machine that was under the control of Selena in order to retrieve him, wreaking havoc and causing destruction in its path. Supergirl rescued Ethan from the scoop machine, and soon the spell caused Ethan to fall in love with Linda Lee (the secret identity of Supergirl), much to Selena's displeasure. Eventually Ethan's affections for Linda proved to be genuine rather than caused by Selena's magic.



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