Ethel Cripps was born in 1899 and lived in England during the early 1900s. In 1920, she was known to be the mistress of occult magus Roderick Burgess, and was involved (though not directly) with Roderick's organization the Order of Ancient Mysteries. In 1930, a schism split the order in half and Ruthven Sykes, second-in-command to Burgess betrayed his oath, stealing a large sum of money and several mystical artifacts, including Dream's helm and the Dreamstone. Ethel Cripps ran off with Sykes and began living with him. Burgess, in his anger, declared magical war. Sykes made a pact with a demon named Choronzon, trading Dream's helm for an amulet of protection from Roderick Burgess' assassination attempts. So long as he wore a special amulet, Burgess couldn't touch him. In 1936, Ethel Cripps broke up with Sykes and left him, taking the Dreamstone and the amulet of protection with her. She later gave birth to a son named John Dee. Dee inherited the Dreamstone from his mother and eventually became known as the super-villain Doctor Destiny. In 1989, a ninety-year-old Ethel Cripps visited Dee at Arkham Asylum outside of Gotham City. She passed away soon after, but not before passing along the stolen amulet to her son.



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