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Eyeful Ethel was rejected for the Legion of Super-Heroes. She later joined Earth-Man's xenophobic Justice League of Earth-movement.

Ethel Lynn Niwtyn better known as Eyeful Ethel is a teacher and reformed criminal hailing from the planet Earth, in the 30th Century. Ethel's powers were the product of black market bio-engineering performed on her parents whilst in the womb. Her parent received a bargain prices on liver replications. The treatments turned out to have a fatal flaw and their baby daughter was born with eyes on all sides of her head.

Despite her unusual appearance, she excelled in school, since her eyes work independently, she was able to do more studying than a normal human in the same amount of time and went on to get an advanced degree in education. She tried out for the Legion of Super-Heroes, but due to the lack of combat capability she was rejected.[1]

Many years later put on weight and began dating Tusker, another Legion reject, and became thieves, but no real criminals took them seriously. To make matters worse, they tried to start a crime spree on the planet Bismoll, where they then attempted to create an alliance with Pulsar Stargrave. She is later defeated by the Legion of Substitute Heroes and she returned to her old job at Metropolis's schools.[2]


  • Multiple Eyes: Ethel has the ability to grow extra eyes anywhere on her body. These eyes are able to work independently allowing her to read and take information in better then a normal human. Ethel now has 360° vision, which means it's almost impossible to sneak up on her.


  • Pedagogy: Ethel has advanced degrees in teaching and education.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic): After her rejection from the Legion she took combat training to compensate for her lack of physical power.



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