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Count Viper is an enemy of Hawkman.

Etienne Du Vipere began his life as a French nobleman in the 18th century. He became enamored with the American Revolution and journeyed to the colonies to aid them in their fight for independence. During a battle in the revolutionary war his metahuman powers first manifested themselves. Developing powerful psionic abilities, he continued to fight for American independence. Frightened of his powers, John Adams nicknamed him "Count Viper," a name which Vipere eventually adopted as his alias.

Viper returned to France after the revolution was complete. When the French Revolution broke out he joined the revolutionaries, but was beheaded during the Reign of Terror. When he was beheaded Viper discovered his most formidable psionic ability, the power to swap bodies with other people. He used this power to swap bodies with a random onlooker in the crowd and escape death.

For decades Count Viper roamed the Earth, often using his powers to benefit America, which he still loved. At one point he assisted Fiddler in developing his own psionic abilities.

Eventually Viper became dissatisfied with the direction he felt America was developing in and decided he needed to conquer the country to set it back on track. He started by building himself up as a crime-boss in the "Netherworld," a slum in Chicago inhabited by impoverished metahumans, most of whom were created by the Gene Bomb. His goal was to eventually turn the inhabitants of the Netherworld into a metahuman army. Viper saw a kindred spirit in Katar Hol, the current Hawkman, who also admired the ideals of America. Count Viper offered Hol a place in his plans, but he rejected Viper's offer.

Hawkman and Hawkwoman battled Count Viper in the Netherworld and eventually defeated him. However, Viper escaped into another body and Hawkman and Hawkwoman were injured by an exploding gas main.

Count Viper managed to capture Hawkwoman and take over her body, leaving her stranded in the body of an old man who he had institutionalized. Viper allied with Meta/Tech, a new incarnation of the Sunderland Corporation in an attempt to draw Hawkman out of hiding and take over his body. His attempt succeeded and he left Katar Hol occupying the body of Hawkwoman. His eventual intention was to use Hawkman's form to get close to the Justice League and then use his hypnotic powers to take over their minds.

Using Hawkman's reputation as a hero, Viper entered the Justice League Headquarters, taking over the minds of Wonder Woman, the Eradicator, Bloodwynd, and Maxwell Lord. However, Hawkman and Hawkwoman found him and were able to free the other heroes from Viper's control and knock Count Viper unconscious.

Katar Hol and Shayera Thal entered the astral plane and battled Count Viper. They were able to defeat him, returning themselves to their rightful bodies.


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