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Quote1.png You've erred, my sage and learned friends -- and for that I thank you well! Now the demon's out, he can't return. So bad, he's banned from Hell! Quote2.png
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Etrigan is a powerful bat-demon who was banished from Hell for being too evil.

Merlin summoned him to assist in a war between Gotham City and Metropolis. Etrigan won the war, but they were unable to send him back home. Merlin could only contain his evil by imprisoning him in a human host. Bruce Wayne volunteered, as he was the councilman that ordered Etrigan to be summoned. This effectively made Wayne immortal. Etrigan was able to rampage while Bruce was asleep, but Bruce's virtue restricted his bloodlust to the guilty. Bruce had to be kept unaware of Etrigan's existence, or his control would weaken. Merlin decided to stay with Bruce as his servant, out of guilt for condemning him to an eternity of horror.[1]

Over a thousand years later, Bruce Wayne still lives in Gotham with Merlin posing as his butler Alfred Pennyworth. By night, Etrigan violently battled the gang of Killer Croc. Bruce Wayne's fiancee Glenda Mark introduced him to an apothecary named Poison Ivy. Ivy sensed an evil emanation around Bruce, and gave him herbs to treat it. This heavily weakened Etrigan. Croc hired Catwoman to kill Etrigan, and she nearly succeeded in his weakened state. Etrigan escaped and killed Ivy in revenge. Bruce finally learned of Etrigan, which released Etrigan from his control. Merlin revealed that this had happened many times before, and he always had to wipe Bruce's memory. Bruce confronted Etrigan, but was unable to stop him. Etrigan hunted down Catwoman and Croc, murdering them both. He was ambushed by Commissioner Gordon and a GCPD squad, but he slaughtered all of them. Etrigan threatened to murder Glenda, and Bruce was forced to have his memory wiped again. Despite this effort, Etrigan still managed to kill her. Merlin wiped Bruce's memory, which put Etrigan under control again. However, Bruce had no memory of his fiancee and remained doomed to a lifetime of loneliness.[1]




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