Quote1 Once more on words of metred rhyme, comes Etrigan the slayer just in time! Quote2
-- Etrigan src

Etrigan was a demon from Hell who Merlin would summon when Camelot was under attack. When the powerful wizard Destiny invaded Camelot, Merlin, and the knight, Jason Blood, fought valiantly to protect the kingdom, but Destiny won, and fatally wounded Jason. Merlin summoned Etrigan, ad offered the demon his freedom if he defeated Destiny. Etrigan thoroughly trounced Destiny in combat, and Merlin, who saw that Jason would die, bonded Etrigan to Jason against the demon's will, in the hopes of using Etrigan's immortality and eternal youth to revive Jason. It worked, and Jason wandered the land, never aging or dying, with Etrigan trapped inside of him.





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