Quote1 I'm free of Nekron's funeral verse, and now we'll make him suffer worse! Quote2
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Etrigan is the Demon, a demon from Hell that was cursed to the human host Jason Blood over 1000 years ago.

In the current age, Blood and Etrigan fight the powers of evil alongside the Justice League Dark.

During Nekron's invasion, Etrigan was freed from Hell through a portal on Paradise Island that Zatanna was instructed to protect. However, also arriving through the portal was an evil wraith version of Etrigan, which Zatanna, the Demon, and John Constantine worked to take down.[1]



  • Power Limitation: Etrigan has been cursed to the human host Jason Blood. Whenever Blood says the magic rhyme, Etrigan is forced to the human world for the transformation.



  1. Hero Challenge: Servant of Death

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