Etrigan is a reformed super-villain and the poetry teacher for the Super Hero High School.

Millenia ago, Etrigan was Trigon's servant tasked with terrorizing the people of Ancient Greece. One day, however, he went rogue after a mission in Athens. He stole a poem from a bard and the beauty of its words marked him for his eternal life. For centuries, Etrigan went into hiding until he met Merlin, who helped him cloak himself from Trigon's sight.

In the present time, Etrigan took part of Amanda Waller's program to help reformed super-villains do good and he was hired to be a poetry teacher. Professor Moone tried to throw him a surprise birthday party, but as Etrigan kept his past a secret to anyone, Moone invited all his personal contacts across the entire galaxy, which included Trigon. Knowing his minions would search for him, Etrigan disguised himself and stole Batgirl's batplane in order to flee, albeit he unknowingly parked the plane near a portal to Hell and was dragged into Trigon's domain. After he was saved by his students, Etrigan was sent away by Waller until she could negotiate a treaty with Trigon.[1]





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