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Quote1 Quit! Quit now, the form of man! Rise, Super-Demon! Etrigan! Quote2
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Superdemon is the primary superhero in the magic reality Earth 13.

Etrigan, rocketed to an Earth of eternal twilight from the doomed planet Kamelot, fights evil in Merlin's name alongside the League of Shadows as the Superdemon.[1]

His world was invaded by a mysterious group of vampires from an alternate world who captured him and his league, but the mortal form of Etrigan managed to release him and easily destroyed the vampiric invaders and released his comrades. His fellow leaguers realized that they were facing a Vampre invasion, but now they were ready, waiting for them.

Thus when the vampires finally crossed to their home, the entire League of Shadows charged against the Super-Vampires, with Etrigan facing off the Vampire Ultraman.[2]

Etrigan was one of the supermen of the multiverse that were targeted by Prophecy, who wanted to capture them to steal their powers, but Etrigan was warned by Justice Incarnate, and after a fight, he went out to the spaceship with them, where they came up with a plan to free the other supermen.[3] Alongside other Supermen, he defeated Prophecy before returning to his own world.[4]


  • Demon Physiology: As a Kamelotian demon, Etrigan possesses overnatural attributes that easily surpasses any other human, mage or demon from Earth. Etrigan is seemingly bonded to a mortal vessel which takes the appearance and attributes of a normal human being, but is freely capable of shedding away this form and summon his true demonic powers.[2]
    • Transformation: By reciting a magical verse, the mortal vessel can unleash the full power of Etrigan in a powerful burst of hellfire.[2]
      • Overnatural Strength: Etrigan can effortlessly shatter magical chains with absolutely no effort and hold his own against a Super-Vampire from another universe.[2]
      • Overnatural Speed: Etrigan was fast enough to catch a Super-Vampire off guard.[2]
      • Hellfire Vision: His eyes can release beams of concentrated hellfire that are hot enough to destroy magical chains.[2]
      • Fire Breath: Etrigan's mouth can spit some type of lava-like blast that can completely calcinate Vampire bodies.[2]




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