Quote1 This is the essential Etrigan. An all-powerful demon king. Who would never condescend to rhyme. Quote2
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Etrigan was a rhyming demon in the service of Lucifer.

Not content with his life, he attempted a rebellion, which did not succeed. For his insolence and betrayal, he was banished to Belial's son Merlin, who had asked Hell for a means to protect Camelot. He fused Etrigan to the rebellious scribe Jason of Norwich, and they would walk Earth together, cursed to live with each other.[1]

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  • Power Limitation: The more time Etrigan spends on earth the weaker he becomes. At some point he must return to hell in order to replenish his energies.[3]


  • Etrigan is considered the strongest of the "Champion" classification, magical beings whose soul, be it god or demon, are bonded to a another human's.[4]
  • Etrigan is dating Madame Xanadu. But so is Jason Blood.[5]
  • Unlike his New Earth counterpart, Etrigan refuses to speak in rhymes. He sees it as a sign of a servant, since Satan himself does not and all powerful demons who serve under him do. For reasons unknown in the current timeline, Etrigan is rhyming as he had before Flashpoint, after the end of the Demon Knights. However, he is not beholden to this structure, and does break it when he feels he wants to.[6]
  • After Flashpoint, Jason Blood words to summon Etrigan has changed. The new words are "Concealed within the form of man. Release the demon, Etrigan!"



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