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Quote1.png Captain Etta Candy Trevor is a good woman. The sort of gal my father wouldn't have been embarrassed to work with in the military. Dedicated. Fortright. And she knows how to keep her mouth shut when strangers come around grossing for dirt. Quote2.png
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Etta Candy is an Air Force officer and former aide to Steve Trevor, and a good friend of Wonder Woman.

After working together for several years, she and Steve fell in love. She remained in the Air Force in General Hillary's staff, rising to the rank of Captain, while Steve was forced into retirement. They shared their time between Etta's quarters on Hanscom Air Force Base and Steve's house in Framingham, Massachusetts.

They eventually married in Steve's native Oklahoma, with Diana as one of the bridesmaids and Steve's cousin Doug Aanonson as the best man.

During the OMAC crisis, Etta Candy-Trevor served as military liaison on board a US Navy strike group moored off Themyscira.

One Year Later, she became a Knight-level operative on Checkmate's whiteside. She infiltrated the Department of Metahuman Affairs and reported on their day-to-day operations to the White King.

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