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 Euphorians are the dominant species of the planet Euphorix.


Physically, they bear no difference from standard Earth humans except for the lack of pupils on some Euphorians and unusual hair colors like pink or purple. The Euphorian political structure is a matriarchy, though some male heads of state have also served in the absence of a suitable queen. The rite of ascendancy is one of blood and the longest reigning matriarch was Kalista.

Euphorian culture is rigidly divided between rural farmers and urbane forest-dwellers, who inhabit the planet's great tree-cities. Rural Euphorians live in poverty and make do with only simple tools and animal labor, and tend to be highly superstitious. The city-dwelling forest people have access to highly advanced technology and have a complex courtly culture. The forest-dwellers' spiritual needs are seen to by the woodwitches, a religious tradition that practices elemental hex-magic. Mixing between the two is discouraged, though farm-dwelling Euphorians can move up the social ladder by serving in the queen's royal guard.[1]

During the Citadel War, Kalista relinquished the throne so that she could serve in the rebellion against the Citadel as a member of the Omega Men. Scientist and statesman Alonzo Dulak assumed control of Euphorix during Kalista's absence. When the war was over, Kalista returned to Euphorix and resumed her role as the planet's queen. During the post-war celebrations, she decreed that the planetary shield was to be deactivated, but less than a week following the war, the Euphorians found themselves the target of Citadel invaders. Kalista and the Omega Men repelled the invaders, but the raid prompted Kalista to reverse her decree and she ordered the shield to be re-activated permanently.[2]

Powers and Abilities


None, though there have been some Euphorians, such as Primus, who have developed superhuman abilities as a result of scientific experimentation or genetic mutation, and others, like Kalista, are capable of learning sorcery.


Habitat: Terrestrial


Type of Government:


Level of Technology:

Advanced: The Euphorians possess advanced technology, the most renowned of which is their planetary shield network, developed by the former monarch Alonzo Dulak. However, much of this technology is denied to the lower classes.

Cultural Traits:

Superstition: Rural Euphorians attribute everything to the influence of spirits.


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