Eurocrime is a loosely knit team of supercriminals brought together by Sonar. Through a series of messengers and intermediaries, he presented himself as "a friend of Eurocrime" and was concerned about the increasing cooperation between various European nations, Interpol, and other authorities would impact their abilities to operate.

The first members of the group; L'Escargot, Wurstwaffe, and Calamari were recruited to assassinate and terrorize various delegates to the European Unity Conference along with the American supervillain Copperhead and French teleporter Warp. In the end the plot was foiled by the efforts of Elongated Man and his wife Sue Dibny.

During a later plot where Sonar subverted the Russian government, a second larger version of Eurocrime was assembled alongside the Royal Flush Gang, Major Disaster's Second Injustice League, and the Global Guardians. They were gathered together to protect Russian sovereignty against the alleged threat posed by the Justice League, which was all part of the ploy by Sonar. In spite of their expanded roster, Eurocrime's contribution to the fight was negligible, with the group being defeated single handed by Guy Gardner.

Since that last encounter, there have been no signs of activity from the group and they have been presumed a defunct team.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: Wurstwaffe and L'Escargot each had novelty shaped transport vehicles (A giant sausage and a snail respectively).
Weapons: None known.


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All the team members take their names from food items associated with their country of origin.

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