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Eva Greer was the executive assistant to new LuthorCorp CEO, Tess Mercer. Mercer also recruited Greer (under the alias Mirror) to a team, that she was assembling.[1]

When the team were tasked to capture Doomsday, Eva was assigned to gather information from Clark Kent, by impersonating Chloe Sullivan. However, Greer soon turned on Mercer and informed Clark about the team, after several of the members died, before she too was killed by an explosive device implanted in her head.[1]


  • Illusion Casting: Eva was able to create psychic illusions around her body allowing her to assume appearance of another person.[1]

  • A computer screen in "Injustice" gives her codename as "Mirror".[1]
    • A photo of Anna Williams appears on two different Black Creek files, at the Isis Foundation.[1] As the name is not visible on one of them, the reason for this is unclear.
  • Shares last name with Tina Greer, who also could assume the appearance of others. However, they appear to not be related, as a computer screen states that Eva had no known relatives.[1]
  • The exact details of her death are uncertain. Clark Kent accused Tess Mercer of killing her, but it was never substantiated. Tess denied it and blamed Eva's death on faulty technology.[1]



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