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The original Eva McCulloch was the owner of the McCulloch Technologies until her death during the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explosion. As she died in the accident, a mirror copy of her was created into the Mirrorverse.

Eva McCulloch was a brilliant Central City scientist and the wife of Joseph Carver; together, they owned the McCulloch Technologies where she worked on discovering an alternate dimension which was the inverse of her universe.

On the night of the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explosion, the dark matter wave hit the McCulloch Technologies, blasting Eva into a nearby mirror. The scientist instantly died and her body fell to the floor, only discovered by her husband, Joseph. However, as she was thrown into the mirror, an alternate version of Eva was somehow created by dark matter into the Mirrorverse, the plane of existence whose existence Eva had always tried to prove.

Eva was declared missing by his husband which also discovered her doppleganger's existence into the Mirrorverse.[1]

Many years later, the Mirror Eva escaped her "prison" and murdered Carver;[2] not long after she took her revenge on the latter and his organization, the Black Hole, "Eva" found the footage of the real Eva's death so she realized that she was herself just a "duplicate".[1] Eventually, a mind-corrupted Barry Allen aka The Flash leaked out the footage in order to let the world know about the real Eva's death so her doppleganger could be distracted enough to be unable to stop his plans.[3]


  • Eva McCulloch was portrayed by Efrat Dor.
  • As Eva's death was only shown after the Crisis, it is unknown if she also died in the Pre-Crisis universe.