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Eva McCulloch is a Mirror duplicate of the Earth-Prime Eva McCulloch who was born when the latter was hit by the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explosion which made her crash against a mirror. While the real Eva died, a mirror copy of her was created into the Mirrorverse and, as she was unaware of being a duplicate, Eva planned to return to Earth-Prime where she became a supervillain known as Mirror Monarch.

Dr. Eva McCulloch was thrown into a mirror by the shockwave of the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explosion. As she died on the impact, the dark matter caused a copy of her being created into the Mirrorverse, a parallel dimension of Earth-Prime.

However, the Mirror Eva was unaware of being a dupliate and tried to convince her "husband", Joseph Carver to free her from her "prison" who knew she was not really his wife.

In the course of years, Eva attempted to leave the Mirrorverse but she did not manage to find a way to return to the "real" Earth. She began developing various metahuman powers like the ability of controlling mirrors: she was also able to create mirror versions of Earth-Prime people, including Sam Scudder aka Mirror Master, who became a supervillain and an enemy of the Flash.

Return to Earth-Prime

In 2020, as Iris West was investigating Joseph Carver and his connection to the villainous organization, Black Hole, the journalist was abducted by Eva and taken to the Mirroverse while her mirror copy took her place.

"Mirror Iris", along with the duplicates of David Singh and Kamilla Hwang, were sent to retrieve Ramsey Rosso/Bloodwork's blood in order to stabilize a portal which would allow "Eva" to escape the Mirrorverse. In the meantime, she was keeping the real Iris busy into a mirror version of McCulloch Technologies, convincing her to be an unaware victim, to let her children to enact her plans.

Eventually, Team Flash manage to discover that "Iris" was an imposter and Eva McCulloch was eventually forced to destroy her as she refused to murder Barry Allen; the remaining Mirror duplicates managed to free Eva from her dimension.

Eva's endgame and return to the Mirrorverse

After being freed, Eva faced the Flash whose abilities were almost gone because of the Speed Force's destruction: despite his efforts, Eva's powers were too much for his current state so he was defeated. The woman chose to spare him and warned him to not confront her again.

Then, she suited up to take her revenge on her husband Joseph: she began to take down the Black Hole organization, took his elite assassins away and, in the end, she murdered him in cold blood, blaming Sue Dearbon for his demise.

In order to destroy the remains of Black Hole, she made Rosa Dillon/Top betray the organization and destroyed Sam Scudder, revealing to her that he was the first of her children.

Eventually, Eva discovered herself to be a Mirror duplicate who was born because of the real Eva's death after seeing a footage of the night of the explosion. As the truth left her unstable, she took Black Hole down once and for all, claiming all of her mirror-tech with the help of Millie Rawlins/Sunshine.

After a mentally unstable Barry Allen leaked a footage of the real Eva's death to the press, "Mirror Eva" finally snapped and decided to replace all of Earth-Prime residents with Mirror duplicates. Now calling herself Mirror Monarch, Eva replaced most of Central City citizens, including Cecile Horton, and used her duplicates to launch a massive attack to the city: however, her plans were stopped by the Flash who confronted her one last time and, despite being unable to defeat her, convinced her to give up her plans.

As Eva understood her mistakes, Barry and Iris also helped her focus on her abilities to destroy all the remaining Mirror duplicates. Then, she and the couple parted ways as Eva returned to the Mirrorverse where she planned to recreate it as a better world.



Other Characteristics

  • She is the first Flash main villain to be a gender-bent version of the original character.
    • She is also the first main villain to not be defeated by the titular hero.



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