Evan C. Schulte Evan C. Schulte portrayed Jeff Hage on the series Smallville.

Pictured: Evan C. Schulte as Jeff Hage from the Smallville episode "Finale, Part I"

Work History

Acting Credits

Smallville 2001-2011 Jeff Hage
     "Hex" March 26, 2009 Jeff Hage
     "Echo" October 16, 2009 Jeff Hage
     "Warrior" February 12, 2010 Jeff Hage
     "Salvation" May 14, 2010 Jeff Hage
     "Homecoming" October 16, 2010 Jeff Hage
     "Masquerade" February 18, 2011 Jeff Hage
     "Finale, Part I" May 13, 2011 Jeff Hage

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