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Quote1.png Don't shoot! It's seven years, bad luck, and frankly... I don't what ta see what bad luck looks like on top of an undead apocalypse. Quote2.png
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Evan McCulloch is the Mirror Master, a criminal who possesses a Mirror Gun that allows him to travel into an alternate dimension known as the Mirror Dimension from any reflective surface and appear in many places at once.[1]

During the start of the Anti-Life Virus outbreak, Mirror Master joined forces with Vandal Savage among other surviving super-villains, forming a league of their own amidst the techno-organic viral pandemic within Savage's base of operations, Ball's Pyramid, in pursuit of outliving the apocalypse and inherit whatever's left on Earth. Considering to have a final set of additions to their exclusive team, Savage ordered McCulloch to find and recruit Deathstroke. Finding the assassin/mercenary on the top of a apartment rooftop in Gotham City through the mirror of a wrecked helicopter which the former had crashed, McCulloch finally offered him and his daughter, Ravager, to join their ranks and survive together, in exchange for their protection and skills. The two gladly accepted as he gave them a pair of Babel Lenses to keep them from getting infected as they travel through Mirror World into Ball's Pyramid, wherein they were welcomed by his teammates.[1]

However, when an infected Wonder Woman had discovered and breached their headquarters, the Tree Lobsters were forced to escape the infiltrated Ball's Pyramid, fleeing through Mirror World. However, McCulloch's teammate Captain Cold chose to stay behind the base in hopes of slowing Wonder Woman down with his Cold Gun while the rest of his them make it to the other side of their next destination. Telling Snart that he would come back, McCulloch took his companions to the Bludhaven Orphanage before going back to Ball's Pyramid, as he promised. Unfortunate for McCulloch, he was suddenly attacked and bitten by the now infected Captain Cold, turning him one of the Anti-Living. Now succumbing to the virus, the infected Mirror Master accessed the Mirror World and found his way back onto the Bludhaven Orphanage, wherein he infected his former teammate Bane with a swift but agonizing slash to his back. The odds of the infected exponentially increased, as the infected Bane broke the orphanage's walls and created an opening for the infected, forcing the survivors to evacuate the orphanage into the safety of the Gotham Jungle.[2]

On their way to the jungle, the survivors were attacked by Mirror Master through the school buses' windows, snatching two children into the Mirror World. Unlucky for the Anti-Living Mirror Master, his terror on the survivors abruptly ended when his former teammate Cheetah punched her claws through his head in order to save Matilda, an orphan whom Cheetah had bonded with, from the hands of McCulloch.[3]







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