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Mirror Master is a criminal who fights the Flash as a member of the Rogues Gallery. He was at one point a professional assassin in Scotland, until he received the equipment of his predecessor Sam Scudder. He possesses a Mirror Gun that allows him to travel into an alternate dimension from any reflective surface, appear in many places at once, and perform other physical transmutations.


Evan McCulloch was born to wealthy parents Louis and Carol Erikson, who put him up for adoption because they were too young at the time. Instead, he was raised in the McCulloch orphanage. The first time he killed was at the young age of eight when an older boy attempted to molest him.[1] Evan found the strength within him to defend himself. He left the orphanage when he was sixteen, taking the name of the woman who had raised him. He soon found that it was difficult for him to hold down a regular job, but because he needed to make ends meet, and finding an affinity for breaking the law, he quickly turned to a life of crime. Putting his talents to use, he became a hitman and then a professional assassin, gaining a reputation as one of the best in the country. One day, after pulling the trigger on another of his many targets, he realized he had shot and murdered his own father. Distraught, he found and approached his mother after the funeral, although before he could meet her she committed suicide. The next day, he was approached by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, who wanted to hire him as a mercenary. They outfitted him with the technology of the first Mirror Master, so he could take out government targets while posing as a super-villain. It wasn't long before he got tired of working for the feds, killed his superiors, and went free-lance. He was invited to become a member of the Rogues Gallery, a team of villains who fought the Flash.[2] His predecessor Sam Scudder was killed during Crisis on Infinite Earths.[3]

Rogues Gallery

He fell in love with a woman named Emelia, a relationship that lasted about a week. She learned that he was the Mirror Master, and turned him into the authorities. She was put into the witness protection program, and her name was changed to Mary Anders.

After looking through some of Scudder's old notes about anti-tachyons, McCulloch opened a door to the mirror dimension, a place with the flip side of every reflective surface on Earth. From here, he searched for Emelia. However, she had attempted to make sure that he couldn't find her by getting rid of all the reflective surfaces that might reveal her whereabouts to him, covering up everything in her house.

McCulloch pulled the Flash into the mirror dimension. He concocted a tale of true love, claiming that Emelia had been killed, and that he had found someone that looked exactly like her. He asked Wally to look into all the mirrors in the mirror dimension and find her so he could say his goodbyes. Since he had no other way of getting out, Wally agreed.However, Flash quickly realized that for even his incredible speed, there were too many mirrors. Using Mirror Master's technology, he contacted Linda Park and asked her to find the Emelia look-alike. Linda and Impulse learned from Oracle that it was Mary Anders, and they went to California to find her. However, Mirror Master saw Emelia through Impulse's goggles. He sent Bart to the mirror dimension, where he and Wally fought mirror monsters. Before McCulloch could exact his revenge, Wally found the inter-dimensional portal, and defeated McCulloch.

New Rogues

Mirror Master started a new plot when he decided to murder the parents of Pied Piper disguised as Piper himself.[4][5] It was later revealed that McCulloch had joined the New Rogues and had acted under the leadership of Blacksmith.[6]

Later, Inertia reunited Mirror Master and the rest of the Rogues, claiming that he could build a device that could stop time, allowing them to do whatever they wanted.[7] However, the machine's actual use was to transfer the Speed Force from the new Flash to himself. The powerless Flash was then killed, shot in the back.[8]

Salvation Run

Some time later, Mirror Master was seen on a planet known as Salvation as part of a mass exile of Earth's worst supervillains. He later returned to Earth with them when they found an escape [9].



  • Darkness: When in total darkness, McCulloch's technology (which relies on sunlight reflection) is completely useless.[11]

Other Characteristics


  • Mirror Technology: Evan could use the mirror technology invented by Scudder (which was partially hidden in his own suit) for unusual yet suitable purposes, including (but possibly not limited to):
    • Clairvoyance: Through use of his peculiar gun and a mirror, he could see past events by using "reflective surfaces to take photon impressions and expand them into the visible spectrum".[12] He could also somehow see through any reflective surface on earth.[13]
    • Illusion Casting: He could cast realistic illusions and/or holographic images which could interact with their surroundings. Those included: copies of himself or others, changes in his or others' appearances, size alteration, leaving images inside mirrors.[14] [11] [15] [16] [17]
    • Teleportation: He could travel from one place to another via the mirror dimension (which he could get access to through any reflective surface), although he apparently couldn't do this on other planets.[11] [10] [17] He could also trap other people inside it (the prisoner died if the mirror used to trap him was broken).[2] McCulloch was also shown to be able to communicate and interact with earth while in the mirror dimension.[18]
    • Dimensional Travel: He could travel to other dimensions, including the one he used to teleport himself on earth: the mirror dimension.[19]
    • Chronokinesis: He was shown to possess a limited degree of time manipulation abilities, achieved through his technology, when he literally sent Linda Park's lifetime "backwards", gradually de-aging her.[11]
    • Hypnosis: He could hypnotize other people through his illusions.[11]
    • Invisibility/Intangibility: He could become invisible and/or intangible at will (although these could well have been illusions casted by him).[11]


  • Mirror Gun: McCulloch wielded a laser gun which he could use to accomplish several feats, including: turning people to glass and reverse[20], turn objects (such as the barrel of a gun) backwards, absorb lasers, see past events through mirrors [12], create space and dimensional portals.[11] [20]

  • Despite being a remorseless criminal, McCulloch still sends a percentage of every job he pulls to the orphanage where he grew up.[2]


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