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Vangie, along with her friends Plath and Billy are 'magic enthusiasts', who on a quest for knowledge contacted the Cirqué des Nécrovores. The young friends where ill prepared for the experience, and the Nécrovores toyed with them, killing Billy, before letting the girls go.

This prompted another quest from the girls to trap Death of the Endless and force her to bring back Billy to them, as they heard Roderick Burgess tried to do years before. For this end, Plath contacted Ashaira, a merchant, to buy from him the Magdalene Grimoire. The buy went sour, and Vangie accepted to have sex with the merchant, so he would call it even. Within the grimoire it was a sigil of death, an Ankh, and with that Plath new that she could do her bidding. Ashaira had the item for another customer, but he had to leave the sigil and the grimoire, or Plath's subordinate, Siobhan would had shoot him with a shotgun.[1]

The sigil made changes on Plath, and Vangie noticed it. She tried to reason with her lover, to no avail, and saw how she went more and more ruthless in her actions, shooting in cold blood to Eblis O'Shaughnessy to prevent him to take the sigil. Vangie, while trying to make sense of everything, made contact with Death, who sended Billy to speak, and Vangie accepted to be the vessel of Death to stop the madness of Plath. This resulted on Vangie confronting the Cirque de Necrovores, and the ultimate Death of Plath.[2]

Vangie, alone and with guilt, turned to Echo, who was suffering also by the persecution that the Corinthian was doing in her nightmares. The toll was too much for Echo, and died, and Vangie at the limits of her sanity, attempted suicide, instead of trying to live alone after loosing Billy, Plath, and now Echo.[3]

Echo, who was dead, but her essence survived as a dream, was able to stop the hemorrhage and call paramedics who saved Vangie's life. Once in the hospital, in coma, the Corintian tried to attack her and her sister, Maddy, who went there to help her recover. Maddy managed to stop the Corinthian, and without noticing, her stone made Vangie recover from her coma, and both shared a brief moment of happiness.[4]

Vangie accompanied her sister in search for Nuala, even when she did not really understood why was Maddy even trying. They both crashed in the department of Victor, a friend of Vangie, who by chance also was a workmate of Nuala.[5] Vangie stayed in the walking world with Victor, oblivion to the actions of her sister in the Dreaming.

After Maddy came back, they keep crashing with Victor. Vangie, who still has not recovered in spirit for her losses, has found in the building a supplier of drugs, and consumes them whenever she can. Her sister tries to stop her self-destructive behaviour, to no avail. It is unknown if Vangie managed to overcome her personal ordeal, but Maddy promised to be the support that she needed.[6]


  • Depression: After many losses she suffered from this mental illness. That made her fall into bad relationships, and different addictions. Also this could be the reason why she had the need to validate herself by trying to satisfy any need of her partners, without taking in consideration her own well being.
  • Drug Addiction
  • Vangie is bisexual. She has had relationships with men and women at different times.



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