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Quote1 I'm from the planet Saturn, where there has been no crime at all for centuries, and where everyone can perform amazing mental feats! One day, when I traveled to Earth, I felt a sudden desire to outwit the law with my powers of super-hypnotism, and so I joined the Legion of Super-Villains! Quote2
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Saturn Queen is a powerful telepathic enemy of the Legion of Super-Heroes, and her fellow Titanian Saturn Girl in particular.


Eve Aries, alias Saturn Queen, is a redhead from Titan, a moon that circles the planet Saturn in the 30th Century. Eve, like Saturn Girl, is a telepath like all native people of her world. She battled the Legion of Super-Heroes along with Lightning Lord and Cosmic King as a member of the Legion of Super-Villains.

The three criminals have been joined by other members of the Legion of Super-Villains, including Sun Emperor, Beauty Blaze, and Echo. However, this Legion of Super-Villains was not contemporary with the Legion of Super-Heroes; rather, these were older villains claiming to have come to the Legion's time from further in their own future. It is unclear whether or not these claims are true.

Meeting Superman

Having earned the right to do repair work in prison, Lex Luthor secretly steals components to build a device that allows him to send messages into the future. Having heard of Superman's previous exploits with the Legion in his youth, Luthor deduces that if there is a Legion of Super-Heroes, there must be a Legion of Super-Villains which he could contact to help him break out of prison. Lex's plan works, and devices from the future to help break him out of jail are sent from the future. Luthor breaks out and soon meets the 30th Century Legion of Super-Villains:

The group teams up with Luthor to get revenge on Superman, who at that time was helping build Orphan City, for a group of orphans to live in. After terrorizing the celebrations, they lure Superman into a trap on a planet in the future where he is captured and sentenced to death.

However, before Luthor and the Legion of Super-Villains can pull the lever, the now adult Legion of Super-Heroes arrives and battles their evil counterparts. When the fight comes to a draw, the Legion offers one of their own, Saturn Woman, to die in Superman's place. Superman convinces the villains to let him create a ring around the planet they are on as a final tribute to Saturn Woman, which he creates using matter from Saturn's own rings. When the ring is in place, Saturn Queen suddenly becomes good and uses her mental powers to subdue her fellow evil Legionnaires and Luthor. Superman reveals to the others that when Saturn Queen revealed why she became evil, Superman deduced that it was possibly because she was away from Saturn's rings, which have a special property that made Titanians incapable of criminal or evil activity. With the criminals defeated, the good Legion takes the criminals into custody while Superman returns to the 20th Century to bring Lex back to the authorities to finish his prison term. A fragment of the rings is given to her to make her remain good, while the other supervillains are imprisoned. Superman says future law courts should be lenient on her.

Absolute Power

Saturn Queen, along with her cohorts Cosmic King and Lightning Lord, creates a parallel universe where they are the adoptive parents of Superman and Batman. To do this the villains travel back in time and sabotage the origins of Superman and Batman, first killing Jonathan and Martha Kent just as they discover Kal-El's Kryptonian ship, and killing Joe Chill immediately after he had murdered Thomas and Martha Wayne. They then set about killing the other members of the Justice League before the League was formed, for example, the Martian Manhunter was killed with fire just after Saul Erdel teleported him to Earth.[1]

The Super-Villains raise the two would-be heroes make them their personal enforcers. Saturn Queen was the only one concerned about their tampering with time. Being a mother to the young Bruce and Clark for many years causes her to become especially attached to this new world. When things started to spiral out of control thanks to Wonder Woman's assault on the former heroes, Batman is killed, and then Superman kills Wonder Woman. Saturn Queen is the only parent to shed tears. When they try to restore history, Batman kills his parents' murderer and Ra's al Ghul takes over the world aided by the Legion, who battle the heroes again.


Living in an alternate reality changes Saturn Queen, and she now wishes to have a child again. When Alexander Luthor, Jr. brings the Multiverse back during the Infinite Crisis, her alternate reality is recreated. But when it collapses she finds herself trapped in the Phantom Zone, where she finds Superman's Antimatter Universe counterpart Ultraman. She sees him as a replacement for the version of Superman she had raised, so she uses her powers to alter his memories, making him think she is his mother.

They travel to Kandor, where he is forced to imitate the current incarnation of Superman as part of a larger scheme by Saturn Queen, who is using him as the figurehead of her cult called the "Praisesingers". This cult is opposed by Power Girl and Supergirl working under the aliases of Nightwing and Flamebird in their efforts to depose Saturn Queen.

Saturn Queen worries, since her last child was lost to her through a similar rebellion. Her son proves no match for Supergirl and would have died had it not been for Saturn Queen's powers. Supergirl and Ultraman were to be married and Power Girl executed. She attempts to dive into Power Girl's mind but in doing so loses control of the others. Using the last of her strength, she reaches for her son's mind, but he is almost killed by Supergirl. Begging for his life, she uses her powers to provide Supergirl the information she needs and then leaves her in peace. She then cradles Ultraman in her arms as the rebels closed in.

Final Crisis

She later joins Superboy-Prime's Legion of Super-Villains. Saturn Queen believes that all sentient life forms have deviance laced in their mind and only pretend to be good, the exact opposite of Saturn Girl's views.

Legion of Three Worlds

The Legion of Super-Villains travels to the sorcerers' world of Zerox to recruit Mordru. Eve enters Green Lantern Rond Vidar's mind and hinders his willpower long enough for Superboy-Prime to snap his neck. She attacks Saturn Girl alongside Esper Lass, a fellow rogue telepath from Titan. However, she is then stopped by the Saturn Girls of Earth-247 and Earth-Prime. The three then team up to prevent Saturn Queen from warning Superboy-Prime about the Legion's next plan of attack.



  • Indomitable Will: Eve Aries has been described to have a strong personality and be quite affirmative in her beliefs; as such she seems to be quite willful and can affect others on Titan or off to feel differently about her.
  • Hypnosis

  • Eve Aries is from the same planetoid as Saturn Girl and exhibits similar powers. They have even shared a name (Saturn Woman) during different time periods.



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