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Eve Eden, known as Nightshade due to her magical abilities, was the princess of the Land of the Nightshades who worked with Raza Kattuah and Manticore, before she became one of the Anti-Living.[1]

She and the others decided to use the fortress of Jotunheim in Qurac as a refuge when people started turning into the Anti-Living. While being sent out on a scouting mission along with Hyve, she was turned into the Anti-Living herself and headed towards Jotunheim along with a horde.[2]

Jotunheim however proved impregnable from the ground and Nightshade created a portal to allow the Anti-Living enter inside. Once there, she proceeded to attack and infect Manticore. Meanwhile, the infected Black Adam who had been teleported inside the mountain housing Jotunheim burst out, which caused the fortress to start falling.[1]

As Wonder Woman stopped Jotunheim from falling, Raza Kattuah held off the horde to let others barricade themselves, before Wink teleported him away. Hawkman, Hawkgirl and Wonder Woman pushed all the Anti-Living back into Nightshade's portal, trapping them in the Land of the Nightshades temporarily. After Adam reunited with them near the sea, she would create another portal when Adam reunited with the horde.[3]

The Anti-Living horde used her portal to assault the survivors at Nantucket.[4] After the survivors were able to flee with the help of the Justice League,[5] the horde attacked Poison Ivy's garden at Gotham City where they had been taken. Nightshade used portals to allow them entry into the garden, which was protected by giant plants, but the Pied Piper lured them away inside the Land of the Nightshades using his flute.[6]

As Piper attracted the whole horde into the Land of the Nightshades, Aerie flew through the portal and told Wink that they would die with her, if trapping themselves in the dimension was the only way to stop the horde. Aerie personally searched for Nightshade and brought her to the other heroes. The infected Black Manta destroyed Wink's gun before she could kill the princess, but the Piper soon used his flute to stab her through the eye.[7]