Eve Eden is a super hero adventure named "Nightshade", she is a member of the premier super hero team Pax-Americana.

She is also the daughter of the Vice-President Charles Eden.

She was added as a member after replacing the previous Nightshade. During her down time she would often visit her aging mother who's memory is degenerating due to Alzheimer's Disease.

She found her self and her fellow teammate Blue Beetle II attempting to apprehend their rogue colleague the Question. After her teammate Dan was put out of commission by Question Eve followed him to a subway tunnel where tries to over power him, but finds herself outmatched. After being defeated by the Question she was left with a cryptic message about her superiors' controlling nature and how they believe that they were running the game, while in reality they neglected to consider who was controlling the board on which they played.

With the sudden betrayal of the Peacemaker who assassinated President Hartley Eve found her career as a super hero crumbling as her father was requesting the disbandment of Pax Americana and that Eve would drop the identity of Nightshade. Eve She enjoyed being Nightshade, and wasn't eager for that to end. She responded to her father's decision by bring up his manipulative nature. Her father responded that she could look forward to new opportunities. They would be entering into a time when a firm hand would be needed.


  • Even though Eve's hair appears black as Nightshade, she wears a black wig to conceal her identity.



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