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Quote1 I'm an orphan, Deathstroke. The last of my line. "Homo Magi" -- the Royal House of the Land of Nightshades -- a realm of dark shadows. Tell me -- how does your technology fare against magic -- ? Quote2
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Eve Eden is Nightshade, a Homo Magi hero from the Land of Nightshades and a former member of the Suicide Squad.

Nightshade joined Amanda Waller's Suicide Squad to help her brother, but was ultimately the last of her family. After leaving the Squad, she continued to work in intelligence operations as a freelancer and was employed to recover the Ann Key, a bioweapon, from Deathstroke.[1]

She was acquainted with Ted Kord during his time as the Blue Beetle,[2] serving alongside him with a team of heroes.[3] With Kord, their one-time teammate the Question, and Captain Atom, Nightshade ventured to Mars to confront Doctor Manhattan, accused of attempting to kill Superman, alongside many others from the superhero community.[4]

Eden met with the Sisterhood of the Sleight Hand at the Oblivion Bar,[5] and participated in the evacuation of Myrra when it was threatened by the Lords of Order.[6]




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