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Eve Teschmacher served as an assistant to Lex Luthor in his criminal schemes.

During Luthor's scheme to use two nuclear missiles in order to destroy much of western California in order to create valuable real estate on the east side of the San Andreas Fault, Luthor had the second missile programmed to head toward Hackensack, New Jersey, where Eve's mother lived. Fearing for her mother's life, Eve rescued Superman from drowning when he had Kryptonite on a chain wrapped around his neck, with the promise that he would rescue her mother first. Prior to his departure from Luthor's underground hideout, Eve gave Superman a kiss.[1]

Later, Eve used a hot-air balloon to help Luthor escape from prison and escorted him to the Fortress of Solitude, where Luthor discovered that there were three Kryptonian criminals trapped in the Phantom Zone that, should they be freed from it, would have the same level of powers that Superman has. However, upon reaching the Fortress, Eve was more interested in finding a bathroom.[2]

  • Eve Teschmacher was portrayed by Valerie Perrine in Superman: The Movie and Superman II.
  • After she and Lex have been to the Fortress of Solitude, Eve Teschmacher disappears and is forgotten for the rest of the movie.[2]



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