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Starling was the first member of Black Canary's newly formed Birds of Prey.

Evelyn Crawford is an old friend of Dinah Lance from their time undercover at Penguin's Iceberg Lounge.[1]

After Strix joined the Birds of Prey, she tipped off Mr. Freeze of their hideout, allowing him to attack.[2] Feigning being captured, she later revealed her treachery after the Birds of Prey went to the Court of Owls lab to find her.[3] She fought Batgirl while Mr. Freeze interrogated the Court of Owls scientists. Once he was done, Evelyn was to escape, but Black Canary stopped her with her Canary Cry, causing the building to collapse on her.[4]

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  • Evelyn's name has been misspelled and confused a few times before being officially spoken for. These include Ev, Eve, Lyn, and Lin.
  • Evelyn's previously mentioned uncle, Earl, was supposed to make his debut in Birds of Prey (Volume 3) #7, before plot changes removed that piece of the storyline. In the original version of the issue, Starling would visit her uncle, revealing that he was the one who raised her and currently suffers from Alzheimer's disease. Pages of the unpublished scene were featured on the personal website of George Perez, the artist who was supposed to draw the issue before leaving DC Comics.[7]



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