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Evelyn Dent was the heroine Three-Face on Earth-3. She is the mother of Duela Dent.

Evelyn Dent met the man who would become the Jokester, in high school. They were together for an unspecified amount of time. She seemed very happy. Though one day she mysteriously disappeared. During this time she apparently gave birth to Jokester's daughter Duela Dent, developed multiple personality disorder, became the vigilante Three-Face, and married Riddler. Years later she reappeared and saved Jokester. He was happy to have found Eve, however her two other personalities hated the Jokester. She, along with the Riddler Family, fought Owlman and Talon for an extended period of time. Eventually all three of Eve's personalities began to fall in love with the Jokester. One night Duela brought Talon to their hideout revealing they were going to get married. She is rejected by her father, and leaves. Immediately afterwards the Riddler Family was attacked by the Crime Society. Jokester escapes, though Eve is thought dead. It is later revealed that she did in fact survive, sporting a robotic arm. She is in tears, watching Jokester from afar, as he left their Earth with the Challengers from Beyond.[1]





  • Robotic arm


  • Guns