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Evelyn Sharp was an agent of Prometheus who infiltrated Team Arrow as Artemis.


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Evelyn Sharp

Evelyn Sharp was a student at Star City High School and a top gymnast. Her parents got involved with Damien Darhk and were killed in a gas chamber due to their brainwashed states. The intervention of Green Arrow and his team was not enough to stop them from dying, and Evelyn blamed both the Green Arrow and Darhk for the death of her parents. However, she came to idolize the Black Canary who tried to rescue her parents.[1]

Canary Cry

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Evelyn as Black Canary

After Laurel Lance died in the hospital after a fatal wound delivered by Darhk, Evelyn sneaked into her hospital room and stole her Canary Cry Choker. Donning the Black Canary's costume, Evelyn struck out into Star City, as both a vigilante and someone seeking revenge on Darhk and the Green Arrow. Evelyn assaulted Alex Davis at a restaurant due to his association with the new mayor Ruvé Adams, Darhk's wife. She was stopped by Thea Queen but used her Canary Cry to escape.

Evelyn intended to kill Ruvé at a gala event, but the Green Arrow intervened, and reminded Evelyn of what the Black Canary stood for and how she was a hero. Evelyn spared Ruvé and escaped the gala. She later showed up at the funeral of Laurel Lance, where Oliver Queen revealed she was the Black Canary.[1]


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Evelyn as Artemis

She later joins Team Arrow as the vigilante Artemis, but eventually betrays them to serve as an double agent for Adrian Chase/Promotheus after learning that Oliver Queen was the assassin known as The Hood. After Chase was arrested, Evelyn and Talia al Ghul frees Black Siren's from A.R.G.U.S. and later kidnapped Rene, Dinah and Curtis to keep them imprisoned on Lian Yu. On the island, Evelyn and Talia face Team Arrow again, but the two were eventually defeated and Evelyn was trapped in a cage. After Prometheus detonated the C4 explosives across the island, Talia went looking for her, but it is unknown whether Evelyn managed to survive or not.[2]



  • Artemis suit (Formerly)
  • Sonic Device: After the death of Laurel Lance Evelyn manages to steal her sonic weapon and modify it so that she can use it and she also upgraded it to deliver stronger sonic waves.[1] (Formerly)


  • The original cast calling name for Evelyn was Rebecca.[4]
  • Madison McLaughlin was supposed to appear in the series finale of Arrow to reveal Evelyn's fate, but couldn't due to scheduling conflicts.[5]



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