Everett was a musician who lived in the same apartment building that Angel Love and Wendy Thornball lived in. He was called by Wendy to exterminate a big cockroach that scared her, promising to pay him for it. He helped Angel Love deal with her date Don, whom she found to be a cocaine user, warning her to stay away from him, which she ultimately did after realizing Don won't do anything to stop using cocaine. He offered some counsel to Angel Love about her not feeling any chemistry for her next love interest while he himself was using her place to spend some "cozy time" with his girlfriend Lola, who is basically jealous for his attention to be on her alone. He also drove Angel to Maureen McMeal's apartment building where she broke in and convinced what turned out to be her sister Mary Beth that she needs to help their dying mother with a bone marrow donation. However, this nearly cost Everett his relationship with Lola until he showed up at her apartment with an expensive gift that showed he truly cared for her and her alone as his girlfriend.



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