Quote1 All those years in the sciencells... every night I dreamt of holding your bloody heart in my hand. Quote2
-- Evil Star src

Ninety years ago, the man now known as Evil Star was suffering from a disease. He utilized a device to channel cosmic into his body, curing him and giving him powers. The cure came at a cost as as his lover was killed by his new-found powers. Evil Star drained her life-force into himself.

At some point, he was captured by the Green Lantern Corps and imprisoned in a Sciencell. He was among numerous prisoners set free just before Oa was destroyed by Relic. The prisoners were offered a chance to join a Khund/Durlan alliance in an assault against the Corps. Instead they joined forces with the Green Lanterns against a common enemy.[1]



  • Illness: Evil Star has a disease which will kill him if he did not use the power source of his people to attach a life-stealing star onto his body.