Quote1.png All those years in the sciencells... every night I dreamt of holding your bloody heart in my hand. Quote2.png
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Evil Star is a villain of Green Lantern who uses a Star-Band.

Ninety years ago, the man now known as Evil Star was suffering from a disease. He utilized a device to channel cosmic into his body, curing him and giving him powers. The cure came at a cost as as his lover was killed by his new-found powers. Evil Star drained her life-force into himself.

At some point he used his Star-Band to destroy a planet, murdering 2.5 billion people.[1]

At some point, he was captured by the Green Lantern Corps and imprisoned in a Sciencell. He was among numerous prisoners set free just before Oa was destroyed by Relic. The prisoners were offered a chance to join a Khund/Durlan alliance in an assault against the Corps. Instead they joined forces with the Green Lanterns against a common enemy.[2]

Evil Star was imprisoned in the Obsidian Deeps under the care of Rot Lop Fan to isolate him from any starlight. He was freed by the Blackstars, only to be killed by them and his Star-Band stolen.[1]



  • Illness: Evil Star has a disease which will kill him if he did not use the power source of his people to attach a life-stealing star onto his body.


  • Star-Band: Evil Star weilds a will-powered weapon capable of destroying a planet, said to rival the power of a Green Lantern Ring. It required acess to starlight to charge.[1] Micro-feedback freezes the wearer's nervous system for a split second after use.[3]



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