Quote1 I got that young girl killed, Shining Knight-- It's time for me to balance the scales! Quote2
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Exoristos was once a resident of Themyscira, the home of the Amazons. She lived there with her other sisters until an event left her exiled from the island forever. She wandered around the world for several years living out her dishonorable life until she came to a bar in Camelot.

Demon Knights

She was later seen defending Al Jabr when the barkeeper refused him service. She joined the fight with her futures allies by first battling the Questing Queen's outriders then her dragons. While building defenses against the Queen, she express some disgust with Madame Xanadu. During this time she befriended a young girl called Audie. When the young girl shows a desire to help Exoristos sends the young messenger over the wall guarding the town to run for help.

However, the Questing Queen had seen the girl leave the town and sent a spy to kill her. Audie's head was hung on a pike outside the town much to Exoristos' dismay. Horsewoman had seen the altercation and killed the spies and soldiers reveling in the kill but just as Exoristos congratulated her on a swift revenge Horsewoman shot her in the gut for inadvertently killing the young girl.

The Questing Queen decided to further break the moral of the Knights by giving them each a vision. Exoristos was offered her place back on Themyscira but she refused seeking some sort of redemption that the Queen had not known about. Seeing her opponent unable to be broken the Queen finally attacks the small village and with their members incapacitated or otherwise gone only Exoristos remained to defend the village. She held out until the riders of Alba Serum arrived to rescue them.



  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): She was skilled in armed and unarmed combat and proficient with traditional Greek hand to hand weaponry such as sharpened edge shield sword and slings.


  • War hammer
  • Exoristos is roughly Greek for Exile, indicating that Ex was exiled from Paradise Island.
  • Her friends call her "Ex".
  • Exoristos had a crush on Sir Ystin believing that she was a girl dressed as a boy and even asked her to live together, but when Ystin revealed to her that she was both male and female, Exoristos was shaken because as an Amazon she avoids contact with the men.[1]



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