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Dissatisfied with their treatment after the Judgment Day incident and conflicting opinions with its leader Wonder Woman, Captain Atom formed his own Justice League team with a group of heroes that wanted to be more proactive than their sister teams.


Choosing not to be sanctioned by the United Nations, Captain Atom's team dealt primarily with threats to the United States. They originally occupied the "abandoned" Mount Thunder but this was actually a secret staging area for a military coup. Atom's Justice League managed to thwart the general behind the coup and stop a nuclear Armageddon.

Their next recruit was also their next problem. Ronald Raymond, the teen known as Firestorm, had been diagnosed with leukemia and the treatments reawakened his long thought removed Firestorm powers. Amazing Man was able to siphon off the access energy and restore Ronnie to a more controllable level when the elemental Firestorm, Professor Martin Stein, returned to Earth. Stein's time in space gave him vast knowledge of the cosmos but he had lost his human perspective of things. Ronnie is able to return this perspective to Stein and in return the professor cures Ronnie's Leukemia. Stein then tasked Captain Atom with Ronnie's well-being (which was difficult as the two did not get along well).

Captain Atom led his Justice League in an invasion of Bialya yet again.[1] This was when the current ruler, Queen Beatriz, was rebuilding the Extremists. Most of this group, having lost friends to the group before, did not want to tolerate the existence of these entities. They invaded the country and destroyed what they thought were robots, but were in fact cyborgs, made out of the Queen's own subjects. They had allegedly volunteered, a whole army's worth, but Captain Atom destroyed all the facilities and threatened worse if Beatriz continued. This particular incident was the last straw and all versions of the Justice League were disbanded.

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