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The Extremists are a group of villains from Earth-8 who have refused to comply with the Metahuman Act, a government ordinance mandating that all metahumans need to register with the government.[1]


This pitted the Extremists against the government sponsored team, the Meta Militia. After their fight against the Meta Militia, the Extremists gain control of the country of Slovekia. The Extremists were later encountered by Donna Troy, Jason Todd, "Bob" the Monitor, and Kyle Rayner during the heroes' search for Ray Palmer. They captured the group, but were interrupted by the arrival of Bob's overzealous brethren and native Monitor of Earth-8, Solomon, and at the same time, Monarch and Forerunner.[2] In the confusion, the heroes escaped, and the Extremists were offered a place in Monarch's army. Lord Havok refused, attacking Monarch, and one of the Extremists, Barracuda, was killed by Jason Todd.[3]

After Havok's refusal, Monarch begins destroying places of great importance to the Extremists, which Havok dismissed as "acceptable losses", much to the chagrin of the Extremists.[4] Extremists member Doctor Diehard attempted to convince his Extremists allies in overthrowing Havok's leadership in the face of the Meta Militia's invasion of Slovekia, but was overpowered and killed by his teammates.[5] After the Meta Militia while assisted by Monarch's forces attacked the Extremists' headquarters, Havok reveals his trap: he had purposefully let the attacking metahumans into the base to lure them into a power-nullifying chamber. After decimating all but Monarch and Americommando (who is apprehended by Bluejay, whom he rebelled against the Meta-Militia), Havok agreed to join Monarch's forces - but only because to gain knowledge of the Multiverse.

The Extremists later battled on Earth-51. When Superman-Prime ripped open Monarch's armor, causing an explosion that eradicates all of Earth-51, Lord Havok used a tiny portion of Monarch's power, stolen during their first encounter, to teleport himself and the Extremists safely to their reality and settled in a base hidden on Angor's moon.[6]

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