Eyam was the third elemental, and he founded the Parliament of Trees 450 million years ago. Eyam was the planet's third plant elemental, created by Yggdrasil alongside their fellow founding member, Tuuru.

In truth, Yggdrasil grew from a seed planted by the Swamp Thing; the seed itself having been harvested from his body. In the process of travelling backwards through time, he had been given three seeds. The first that he planted, millions of years ago, became Yggdrasil.

The Parliament of Trees took root in the Garden of Eden, and after some many years, Yggdrasil became known as the Tree of Life, while his companion Tuuru became known as the Tree of Knowledge.

Eyam, by its turn, was the first to emulate the shape of other lifeforms and thereby acquire their knowledge. Eyam himself is however capable of only very basic thought and seems to have no ability to communicate except to Yggdrasil and Tuuru.



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