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Quote1.png I have become God, destroyer of worlds! Quote2.png
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Ezekiel the Cockroach was a pious and intelligent cockroach. He believed that, once humanity was wiped out, he could claim his rightful place as Earth's ruler in the name of the Christian God.

Predicting the end of the world

"I am ready, Father, to lead your AAAHHH!!!"

From his life, Ezekiel always had faith in God and desired the apocalypse, as he wanted the extinction of humans. In 2019, Ezekiel was glad that a giant hole was going to devour Cloverton, which I take as a sign, but he was swallowed by the hole until he was brought back to life.[1][3]

Second chance for the apocalypse

A few days later, the Decreator, an eye capable of destroying the world, ascended murdering people, something that Ezekiel considered to be another sign for the end of humanity, but was interrupted by Admiral Whiskers, a conscious rat, who believed that he would have cheese at the end of the world, which led to an argument with the cockroach.[4]

The Brotherhood of Dangerous Animals

Villains United

Fed up, Ezekiel somehow traveled to White Space, a place where Eric Morden, aka Mister Nobody, lived, a being with extra-dimensional powers. Ezekiel spoke to Nobody about his failures in planning the apocalypse, but Nobody had already beaten his great arch nemesis, Niles Caulder, an immortal scientist. Ezekiel convinced Nobody to band together to get revenge on Caulder and bring about the end of the world with the help of Whiskers, something Nobody accepted, and the trio became a group of villains, the Brotherhood of Dangerous Animals.

The Brotherhood stole the Painting That Ate Paris, with which they locked up Danny the Street, a sentient street, to talk to Dorothy Spinner, Niles's daughter, to convince her to hate her father, but Dorothy made Ezekiel and Whiskers grow, which made Ezekiel have a lot of power and together with Whiskers, they expelled Nobody from their team.

Romance between friends

Ezekiel began to destroy the entire street until Nobody, who narrated again, convinced the cockroach to be the true God, which made him eat Niles, Dorothy, Crazy Jane, a woman with many personalities, Victor Stone, a superhero, and Rita Farr, a metahuman with elastic powers. Because of Nobody, Ezekiel took a better look at Whiskers and the two fell in love, which caused the duo to kiss while Cliff Steele, a robot man, entered Ezekiel, so that Larry Trainor, a nuclear man, made a radioactive explosion. to escape the painting, since Ezekiel could resist everything.[1]


"I cannot die for I am death! I am the beginning, the end, the..."

Coming out of the painting, Ezekiel returned to his normal size and was glad to see that he survived by climbing onto Danny, who was turned to brick. Bragging about his indestructibility, Ezekiel began to worship himself as death, as he could survive anything, but his victory was ended when Victor used his lazer beam to go out Ezekiel's stomach, which caused the death of the cockroach.[1]


  • Enhanced Intellect: Ezekiel was smarter than the average cockroach, possessing the ability to speak and desire to destroy, and later conquer, the world.
  • Superhuman Durability: As a cockroach, Ezekiel had a natural durability to radiation, making him the perfect vehicle for the Doom Patrol to escape his own master doomsday plan.[1]



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