Gaylord Clayburne is a multi-millionaire playboy-sportsman who, like the Challengers of the Unknown, is living on borrowed time. After he managed to avoid death from a racing accident, Clayburne felt he was qualified to become the official "Fifth Challenger." Skeptical at first, the Challengers rejected him, but after seeing him in action when he rescued a falling child, they decided to test him out. Clayburne excelled at these tests and also performed admirably on his first mission by rescuing the Challengers from certain death. When he was finally voted into the group, he surprisingly rejected it believing he would be pushing his luck too far by becoming a member.

Clayburne later returned, having apparently decided to try and join the team again after all, but he was rejected and his subsequent relationship with the Challengers was strained and antagonistic.


  • Sub-Orbital Shuttle
  • When Challengers of the Unknown was revived in 1977, writer Gerry Conway changed Clayburne into a shallow, antagonistic character.



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