Fables are a race of beings of myth and legend who orginally hailed from a realm known as the Homelands.


Fables come in all shapes and sizes, though many are humanoid in appearance. Years ago, a being known as the Adversary sought to conquer the Fables' home world, and the surviving denizens massed a great Exodus to Earth. They became part of an underground network of Fables and established themselves in two key locations in the state of New York. Those who could pass for human took up residence in Fabletown, an unofficial district of midtown Manhattan, many of whom began living at the Fabletown City Hall at the Woodland Luxury Apartments. Others took up residence in private abodes elsewhere. Those who could not pass for human were forced to live at a locale in Upstate New York known as The Farm.

Powers and Abilities


  • Immortality: One gift that seems to unite all Fables is their ability to live indefinitely without suffering the rigors of age. Other Fables may demonstrate a wide variety of abilities depending upon their origin. Bigby Wolf for example, has the ability to transform from a wolf into a human and back again. Bufkin possesses the gift of winged flight, and many anthropomorphic beings, such as the Three Little Pigs, have acquired the power of speech.
  • Variable Invulnerability: While each Fable is immortal, it does not mean that they can't be killed. However not every Fable can be killed as easily as the other, and some are virtually unkillable. This all depend on one crucial factor, how popular that Fable is to the mundane humans. Fables who are more obscure are almost as easily killed as mundane normal beings. While others who are so popular that they are inherently part of human culture such as Goldilocks or Snow White can survive almost anything including multiple consecutive fatal wounds which they recover from through accelerated healing, or even total mutilation were they can appear whole again elsewhere. [citation needed]


Habitat: Varies depending upon the needs of each specific Fable.
Gravity: Standard Earth gravity
Atmosphere: Depending upon the physical characteristics of each specific Fable, these beings can survive in nearly any environment.
Population: Unknown


Type of Government:

Democratic government run by a Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

Level of Technology:


Cultural Traits:

One of the most ardent laws of the Fable community harkens to a signed Amnesty established shortly after their exile from the Homelands. In short, every Fable begins their new life with a clean slate, regardless of any crimes or transgressions they may have committed in the Homelands. It is considered bad form to render judgment against a Fable based upon pre-Amnesty activities.



  • Nearly all Fables are based on characters featured in famous literary tales.
  • The Fables are the subject of the ongoing series Fables, a Vertigo series, and is unconnected to any other continuity.

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