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"Twilight of the Dogs": Snow White sits on a patch of ground surrounded by white space, accompanied by the decapitated head of Colin the pig. He tells her they are in Limbo, though she may not be dead yet. Snow asks him what she should do. Colin suggests she try waking up.

Quote1.png When we were young, back in the cabin, we pledged we'd be together forever. You and me against the world... remember? Quote2.png
Rose Red

Fables #10 is an issue of the series Fables (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 2003. It was published on February 12, 2003.

Synopsis for "Twilight of the Dogs"

Snow White sits on a patch of ground surrounded by white space, accompanied by the decapitated head of Colin the pig. He tells her they are in Limbo, though she may not be dead yet. Snow asks him what she should do. Colin suggests she try waking up.

Inside the Knights of Malta, a hospital for Fables, Snow opens her eyes to find herself in a bed, her head completely bandaged. Bigby Wolf, sitting nearby, welcome her back to the world of the living. He tells her not to try and talk just yet, promising to explain things as best he could, adding that since he's not allowed on the Farm, it was all told to him secondhand. Right after Snow was shot, Boy Blue, Prince Charming, and Bluebeard quelled the remaining dissidents. Then with the help of Reynard the Fox and Weyland Smith, they began searching for the escaped Goldilocks, but only found her discarded rifle. The three giants and Clarathea the Dragon were also becoming a problem. Hiding them from the Mundys was going to be difficult. Bigby then stops and tells Snow to get some rest.

As winter begins, the trials at the Farm have officially started. Bluebeard reads off the list of charges as Prince Charming judges them. Most of the revolutionists are given years of hard labor and lock-up. Dun and Posey however, being ringleaders and murderers, are sentenced to death by beheadment.

Snow finally gets released from the hospital, though she's still limited in her mobility and requires a wheelchair to get around. She and Bigby share a ride in an ambulance back to Fabletown. Snow finally asks Bigby about Rose Red. She understands everyone has avoided the topic around her until she got better, but Snow decides it's time for her to know if her sister's been executed yet. Bigby is genuinely shocked at this, asking Snow if she seriously didn't know that Rose had saved her life. Rose Red reluctantly joined the revolution after Colin the pig was killed, knowing that her and Snow would be the next targets. In exchange for her loyalty, Rose made them promise not to kill Snow, and in effect buying her sister enough time to figure a way out. Snow tells Bigby she feels foolish for not realizing.

Spring reaches Fabletown after a hectic time last year. Weyland Smith has been summoned to Snow White's office to discuss a new position, as his Administrative status at the Farm sadly ended when he was captured and lost the respect of the non-humans. Snow does surprise him with a chance to continue his work on the guns, at his own pace this time. She explains that while the revolution was wrong in both practice and method, the idea of fighting the Adversary with modern weapons was a good one. They aren't going to war anytime soon, but when the time does come to return home, it would pay to be ready. Weyland accepts this task, adding that Rose Red was waiting in his truck to speak to her if Snow was ready.

Inside the chapel, the two estranged sisters face each other. Snow begins, telling Rose her feelings of wanting to reconcile with her and be like they used to be way back when. But while Snow may have long ago forgiven Rose, Rose was not yet ready to forgive Snow. Snow was clueless as to what she ever did to earn such scorn, so Rose comes clean; She was angry at Snow's popularity. When they were children, it was always Snow White and Rose Red against the world, come what may. But that was all apparently a child's fantasy when Snow ran off with her prince, leaving Rose behind. Soon the stories changed, and Rose was cut out of the tale all-together. No one wanted to remember that Snow White had a sister. She became so beloved that the Mundys wrote all kinds of books and made movies about her, until her very popularity even brought her back from being sniped in the head. Rose laments that if she were the one to be shot, there'd be no coming back, as she just wasn't popular enough. That's why Rose decides to move out to the Farm and become it's new head administrator. At first she was only helping as a civil service, then she realized she enjoyed the work. And it would get her away from her sister, at the least. Her first official order of business was to get Snow to dig into the town treasury so she could by an expensive charm that would permanently change one's form...

The Farm is introduced to it's new members. The former giants, Donny, Johnny, and Lonny, were now the three little pigs, Act Two. Clarathea the dragon flies onto Rose's shoulder in her new raven form, with Rose declaring that Clara's her new best friend, and enforcer. When asked how she could possibly enforce anything, Clara opens her mouth, shooting out a flame. Rose decided to keep one of her dragon qualities as it was, to discourage any future revolutions.

Later, as soon as she could sneak away, Snow found a secluded spot and wept for all the ones who died. For her lost relationship with her sister. And for a dear friend named Colin the Pig.

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  • The idea of a Fables ability to cheat death based on their level of popularity with the Mundys gets explored more later on in the series.

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