"The Mouse Police Never Sleep": In Bluebeard's apartment, Sergeant Wilfred and his partner Corporal Rex, of the Mouse Police, peer out from beneath the leaves of a potted plant and hop onto Bluebeards desk where his journal lies. They open it and begin to read.

Fables #14 is an issue of the series Fables (Volume 1) with a cover date of August, 2003. It was published on June 11, 2003.

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Synopsis for "The Mouse Police Never Sleep"

In Bluebeard's apartment, Sergeant Wilfred and his partner Corporal Rex, of the Mouse Police, peer out from beneath the leaves of a potted plant and hop onto Bluebeards desk where his journal lies. They open it and begin to read.

Back out on Fabletown's Bullfinch Street, Bigby fills in Snow White, who still needed a cane or two to walk, about his "spies" Intel on other Fables around the world. After the Farm uprising, they realized that it may be necessary to keep closer tabs on Fables not currently operating in Fabletown. So far, Bigby reports no unusual behavior, though he gripes that with the funding to afford only three agents, covering the whole Mundy world is a task. They pass the fencing academy, where Bluebeard was currently demonstrating his skill to the students with new fencing partner, Prince Charming.

At the Farm, Rose has been pretty much on top of things. Currently on the phone with Jack, she makes their breakup official, citing the reason being that he wasn't a very good boyfriend, except when it came to annoying her sister. Since that wasn't what her life was about anymore, she had no further use for him.

Bigby continues sharing the goings-on of Fabletown with Snow, mentioning that her ex, Prince Charming himself, has moved in with Briar Rose, ex-wife number two. Snow shows exactly zero concern over this, knowing he's only after her money, adding if Briar can put up with him then more power to her. Bigby tells her that with Charming no longer on her radar, she can open herself up to more worthy gentleman callers, albeit with less refinement that she's used to. Snow rolls her eyes, telling him to let it go, she's not interested, etcetera. Bigby replies that he'll believe it as soon as she convinces herself.

The fencing class concludes with Bluebeard beating Prince Charming, five to nothing. He remarks it was a good effort, telling Charming that his constant traveling and womanizing probably just put him out of practice. They part ways afterwards, Prince Charming wearing a look of contempt.

That night, Bluebeard is in his bed, and lying next to him is Fabletown's most wanted fugitive herself, Goldilocks. Bluebeard has been hiding her in his apartment, keeping her safe. Goldilocks tries to coax information out of him about his plan to get her out of state, more importantly, what it will cost her. Situated on top of a nearby grandfather clock, Sergeant Wilfred and Corporal Rex overhear the conversation, ready to report back to base that Bluebeard is harboring a fugitive.
Corporal Rex Death

Death of Corporal Rex

Goldilocks spots them out of the corner of her eye and quickly grabs an axe, shouting to a confused Bluebeard. The axe barely misses Rex as he flees, Wilfred riding on his back, out of the bedroom and towards the exit. But before they can slip under the door to freedom, a knife comes flying out of nowhere and impales Rex straight through. He knows he is done for and tells Wilfred to get away so he can complete their mission. The sergeant reluctantly leaves his dead partner behind.

In the study, Hobbes brings Bluebeard the body of Corporal Rex, still stuck on his knife. There was a saddle on it's back, confirming it was the Mouse Police. The rider had gotten away, leaving Bluebeard little time to act. He deduces that the spies are most likely working for Bigby or Snow White, and he is as good as dead if any of this got back to them. With the rider now on foot, it would take longer for him to travel back to them, giving Bluebeard some time. He'd need to strike first. He tells Goldilocks that she will be able to repay her debt to him sooner than planned.

Bigby and Snow White meet Bluebeard in Bigby's office where he wants to show them something. He holds up a vial of unknown contents, telling them that Jack tried to sell it to him, saying it held magical properties. He pops it open then, a greenish gas comes out and envelopes Bigby and Snow, putting them under a trance. Grinning wickedly, Bluebeard begins to tell them their task...

In King Cole's loft, Snow White asks the good mayor for some time off. She wishes to go someplace where there are no phones, like a camping trip. Snow also informs King Cole that Bigby will be joining her.

At the same time, Bluebeard is giving Goldilocks her instructions. She'll take the same flight Bigby and Snow are on, the spell preventing them from noticing her, and once they are far enough from civilization, she is to kill them...


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