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"Road-Runner and Coyote Ugly": Bigby jumps out at Goldilocks, but she uses her quick reflexes to turn and fire the rifle into his chest. After he falls, she fires a few more rounds into his body for good measure. But Bigby isn't dead. He mumbles that only silver can kill him. His wounds are alre

Quote1.png I'm not the kind of woman to be flattered by someone who tricks me into going to a dance with him, by claiming it will help solve my sisters murder. But if some straightforward, nice guy were to ask me out to dinner or a movie, sometime next week or so -- and he was willing to go very slowly... Well, I sure wouldn't mind a night out among the Mundys once in awhile. Quote2.png
Snow White

Fables #17 is an issue of the series Fables (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 2003. It was published on September 10, 2003.

Synopsis for "Road-Runner and Coyote Ugly"

Bigby jumps out at Goldilocks, but she uses her quick reflexes to turn and fire the rifle into his chest. After he falls, she fires a few more rounds into his body for good measure. But Bigby isn't dead. He mumbles that only silver can kill him. His wounds are already mending themselves, and he threatens that Goldilocks will be between his jaws soon enough. She responds in kind by shooting him right in the mouth. Goldilocks then starts to gather wood for a bonfire she plans on building around Bigby's body, not noticing Snow White creeping up behind her with a hatchet until it's too late. The hatchet is buried into Goldilocks' skull, she falls to her knees, but doesn't die. The damage to her head is apparent, though, as she falters around for her rifle. Snow hits her again and again with her cane, backing her away towards a cliff. Goldilocks stands up again, taunting Snow, when her foot slips and she goes over the edge, her body bouncing off the rocks as she falls. Even when she lands onto the concrete roadway below, Goldilocks is still able to pick herself back up. Though a bloody mess, she yells triumphantly that she can take anything Snow can dish out. She is then hit by a speeding semi-truck, her body sent flying into the rapids of a nearby river. Snow watches it all from above where Bigby, bleeding but alive, joins her. He hopes Goldilocks is dead this time, mentioning how popular a Fable she is with the Mundys. They wouldn't let her die so simply. He and Snow then continue on their hike, now unimpeded by any danger.

Back in Fabletown, Prince Charming carries Bluebeard's corpse, wrapped in a rug, through the Woodland Business Office, cheerily greeting any curious onlookers along the way. When Boy Blue and Grimble asks, he explains matter-of-factly that he killed Bluebeard yesterday, and is taking his body to the witching well. He tells Boy Blue to call their mayor, King Cole, down so he can explain.

King Cole is, of course, appalled at Charming's actions. Despite the evidence of hiding magical artifacts of strategic value in his massive apartment, a major crime according to Fable law, Bluebeard was still Fabletown's biggest annual contributor. Prince Charming defends himself by saying that Bluebeard was a scoundrel that deserved to die. Besides, he never left any kind of will, so upon his death, all of his riches are automatically granted to Fabletown. King Cole perks up at this news, with all of Bluebeard's vast fortune now theirs, he is no longer bound to begging and bowing to Bluebeards whim just for a pittance of cash. To add to the good news, Boy Blue announces that he received a phone call from Bigby a few minutes ago. He and Snow were on their way home.

Bigby and Snow White exit the LaGuardia Airport terminal later that same day. Snow starts to talk to Bigby about what he said to her last night. Bigby interrupts, saying he understands, and that he'll move out of Fabletown immediately if that's what she wants. But Snow argues that, no, it wasn't what she wanted. She tells him that their adventure together seems to have made them closer than they were before. Smiling, she adds that if he were willing to take things slow, she wouldn't mind a night out with him every now and then. Bigby is pleasantly surprised.

In the following weeks, as things in Fabletown return back to normal, Prince Charming tells Bluebeards butler Hobbes, who now works for him, to search through the business office archives for the Election laws in Fabletown. Things were going to change.

Inside Snow's apartment, Dr. Swineheart had just given her some troubling news. Angrily, she calls Bigby to her apartment, whether he's busy or not. When Bigby arrives, he learns that Snow is pregnant. She demands to know why he lied to her about them not sleeping together while they were under the spell. He replies that he just told her what she needed to hear at the time so her would remain clear during a dangerous situation. Bigby asks her what they should do now. Angry and in tears, Snow tells him she wanted to be alone right now...

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  • Bigby's weakness to silver may be another bluff on his part, as Goldilocks bullets do seem to affect him more than he lets on.

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